Susan Dawson

'I have attended 4 Pilates classes with Katie / Transform Pilates so far and I can honestly say I am loving it. I feel fantastic at the end of each session and can already tell it is doing wonders for my bad back as well as my posture and general well being. Katie is a fantastic teacher who takes time to talk our group through the steps and tailors alternative exercises for individual ailments and ability.'

'Katie's Pilates classes are fantastic. Katie demonstrates different levels for all her exercises, so it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or more advanced, you always get a great session. I have been going to Katie's classes for over two years now and have really noticed the difference.'

Angela Peddar

Mrs. Diana White

'When I finally decided to do something about my mobility in my late 70’s, I did my homework on which sort of exercise I should do, it was a toss up between Yoga and Pilates. Having talked to several friends I decided on Pilates and went online to find a suitable teacher?Instructor?.

My choice was Katie Cowie, I liked her profile on her website. I believed that it would benefit me to have a few lessons at home so that when I eventually joined a class I would at least be familiar with some of the exercises.

Katie has proved to be a very good choice. She is always on time, patient, a perfectionist, dedicated to her art but with a sense of humour which makes the class fun. If for any reason we miss a lesson she will try and fit me in on another day and time so that I still get my one hour a week. I have and am continuing with my class at home since I have found the benefit of having a one to one class very beneficial to me as I get tindividual attention and she does work me hard. Long may it continue.

This lady comes highly recommended by me.'

'I have been attending Katie's classes for 4 years and have delight in recommending them. She has an amazing skill to meet everyone's level in the class whilst putting everyone at ease. It is clear she has a passion and knowledge of Pilates which she shares with explanations, clear instruction and physically guiding you to the correct position.
She is very personable, non judgmental, professional and is driven by the interest of what she does, meeting people's requests, as opposed to a commercial focus.'

Carmel Brady

'I love the variety you put in your sessions! And great prep for my skiing.'

Jacqui Roberts

Marie-Claire McGregor Ridley

'I’ve poor co-ordination and space awareness but what I’ve really struggled with is understanding what I am meant to be doing in Pilates class. Honestly, you’ve been the perfect teacher for me as you break the steps down and explain what to do so well. You also pick up or anticipate what I and others will do wrong so as I’m doing the exercise your explaining what not to do which is great help and when I follow that I can feel such a difference in the exercise and feel it in the right places so thank-you! Also, I’ve had teachers who have got frustrated with me in classes and you are always so positive which is great!'